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W.E.S. Physical Education

Welcome to the Physical Education Department. The P.E. curriculum is designed to build a foundation that supports a healthy lifestyle. This encompasses learning and engaging in lifetime exercise activities such as walking, jogging/running, aerobics, golf, dance, tennis, jump rope, etc. Additionally, the class affords the students the opportunity to participate in rock climbing, engage their balance skills on the fidget ladder,Track and Field Day, and take a whirl on the roller racers along with many more activities. Finally, beginning in third grade, all students are required to participate in the Fitnessgram physical fitness test as required per the state of Texas. This test consists of: running a mile, completing sit-ups/curl-ups and push-ups to a cadence, a shoulder reach flexibility skill, measurements of height/weight, and a trunk flexor extension.

Parents: Anytime that your child is ill or has any type of injury, please send a note stating that your child needs to be excused from P.E. for that day. As stated in the elementary handbook, "No student should be excused from participation for more than five consecutive days without a doctor's statement".