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Pre-K and Kindergarten Registration

The Annual Pre-K and Kindergarten Roundup will be conducted ONLINE and as a drive-through service this year. 
If your child was enrolled in Pre-k during the 2019-2020 school-year you will not need to register your child for kindergarten.  
The process involves 3 steps:  All three steps MUST be completed for your child to be enrolled in Pre-k or Kindergarten. 
  1. Complete the Online Application 
  2. Submit Required Documents 
  3. Pick-up, complete, and return the Registration Packet (this will be offered as a drive-through service) 
 Complete the Online Application
The online application process will collect the basic information needed to enroll your child into Winnsboro ISD.You can find the online application here.  The information used to fill out the form should be the student's information.  
Submit required documents
The following documents will need to be submitted before registration can be completed.
  1. Birth certificate*
  2. Immunization record 
  3. Proof of all family income* (such as a tax return, W2, or current pay stub)
  4. Current Proof of residence* (one of the following) 
    • Current Utility bill with the parent/guardian name and PHYSICAL ADDRESS (no cell phone statements);
    • Rental or lease agreement; 
    • Builder’s letter; OR
    • Contract of sale.
  5. Student’s Social Security card
  6. Parent(s) or Guardian(s) driver's License
  1. Take a picture of the student’s birth certificateSocial Security card, and immunization records. 
  2. Take a picture of the proof of residency and parent/guardian’s driver’s license or Texas ID card.
  3. Make sure that all text in photographs is able to be read.
  4. Email the pictures to for Pre-k Registration and for Kindergarten. 
  5. Please add your child’s name as the subject of the email.
Pick-up, complete, and return the Registration Packet
Registration packets will be handed out in a drive-through service this year. The registration packet can be picked up at the Elementary School on Mondays and Thursdays from 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m. Packets will be available during the lunch pick-up services offered under the awning on the side of the elementary school. Everyone is asked to stay in their vehicles and a packet will be brought to you or you can return your packet to a staff member. 
Thank you so much for your patience and understanding during this time!