WISD Announces School Closure

Over the next few days, WISD will come together to create a plan for student learning and will develop a collection of resources for families to accommodate our immediate closures. WISD is also working on a plan for the distribution of food to address children’s nutritional needs while school is out. Additional information regarding distance learning, instructional opportunities, and food distribution will be shared once it is finalized.

Parents/guardians should anticipate a phone call or correspondence by, Tuesday, March 24, 2020 from their students’ teacher with additional information. We will also continue to update our Facebook page and the district website with more information as it is finalized.

Moving forward, we will make decisions regarding school closures in two-week increments unless we are directed otherwise by state officials.

During the closure WISD Students can expect the following:

  • We will participate in a food distribution program to provide lunches to our students five days a week. This will begin on March 25 with pick up locations at the Middle School and High School. Additional information regarding this will be distributed.
  • We will begin implementing distance learning opportunities and school packets for students to continue their instruction from home.
  • Aside from regular updates to our social media and website the district has established info@winnsboroisd.org as a resource for parents who have questions or concerns during this time. Someone will also be available at each campus to answer questions by phone.

This situation is quickly changing and we will continue to monitor information and provide updates as necessary. We appreciate your understanding, support, and patience as we navigate through this together.

Thank you for all that you do,

Susan Morton