Winnsboro Elementary School

We Pledge to Be Drug Free...Red Ribbon Week is October 24-28!

Kindergarten Introductions

"No Gum!"...Now that IS a hard rule to follow!

Kindergarten "Name Art"

4th Grade Geography

1st Grade "Self Portraits"

"Fabulous Me"

1st Grade "All About Me"

News & Announcements

Easton Holland has some visitors for lunch at WES!

Easton wanted to help make a difference in his community, so after learning that the Winnsboro Police Department was in need of Active Duty Shooter Vests, he decided to take matters into his own hands. He held a bake sale with all the proceeds going toward the purchase of 2 vests for the department. As a thanks for his efforts, some of the officers stopped by WES friday to have lunch with Easton and his mom.

Homecoming Progressive Parade

The homecoming progressive pep rally will be stopping at WES Friday, September 9th. Students are encouraged to wear school colors or Raider shirts.

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